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Restore your quality of life, avoiding surgeries

Musculoskeletal and Nerve Pain Relief Clinic,
for those suffering from chronic and acute pain, and sport injuries.

Type of pains that are treated in the clinic

Discover more about the pain
and the appropriate treatment that removes it

Human Body

Sport Injuries

Treatment of injuries related to physical and sport activities and acute, recurrent and chronic situations. Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, it's important to repair damaged tissue effectively and lastingly.


Treatments are tailored to the needs and preferences of the patient

A female doctor treats a female patient's ankle using an ultrasound device


Treatment aimed at recovering
damaged ligaments,
tendons and muscles



Releases the muscle "knots"
that affect its proper

A female doctor treats a patient


Technique aimed at normalizing
the function of damaged or
inflamed peripheral nerves

Kinesiology tape


It helps the muscle
reduce its effort
and facilitates its work

A female doctor treats a patient's back


Mobilization of specific tissue
points, reducing local
and distant pain

X-ray examination


Hyaluronic Acid,
PRP and Botox


About the Clinic

We provide high-quality care, combining extensive knowledge with the latest technologies. Today we are at the State of the Art in non-surgical treatments, in terms of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

We count with a “Dream Team” of professionals, experts who care and work meticulously for the needs and comfort of each individual patient.

רופאים בודקים צילום רנטגן
Doctor Denise Cytryn

Dr. Denise I. Cytryn, MD, MSc

Specialist in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

Dr. Denise I. Cytryn is an expert in diagnosis and treatment of Musculoskeletals and Nerve Disorders. She has over 10 years experience, teaches at universities, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Regenerative Therapy.

In the past, Dr. Denise I. Cytryn worked in family medicine in Argentina and in regenerative medicine in several countries, such as the United States, Canada, Spain, Honduras, Peru, Mexico, and Greece, among others.

Dr. Cytryn moved to Israel in 2020 and continues to work diligently in one of the leading countries in the world of medicine.

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What our patients say

תמונה של מטופלת בשם שרון

Sharon Grauer

I suffered from neck and upper back pain while doing sports, and Dr. Cytryn helped me solve them. She's now helping me with lower back pain and I feel much better. An amazing and very caring doctor!
תמונה של מטופל בשם גוסטבו

Gustavo Bdil

I came to Dr. Cytryn due to pain and tenderness in my left knee while sitting for a long time. Thanks to the treatments the pain went away. Just amazing!
תמונה של מטופלת בשם מרסדס

Mercedes Jonevich

I was about to have ankle surgery due to repeated sprains, but with Prolotherapy, all tendons and muscles strengthened. Thanks for this treatment, otherwise I'd be immobilized or using a cane.

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